The Conscious Leader program is a personalised one to one leadership development program for Leaders who want to learn how to leverage the three main contributors to success in business; communication, connection and money, so they can thrive at work.

The Conscious Leader Program Explained simply

Step 1

One face to face Coaching session with Nicole to explore your current Leadership style. Here we look at what is working for you, what is not working for you. This session builds context about your current Leadership style.

Step 2

We interview six stakeholders of your choice - three internal and three external stakeholders to collect qualitative data about you which pertain to Key Leadership Themes. From the interviews, saturated data themes are collated and presented in a book bound Leadership Report.

Step 3

Three 1:1 Coaching sessions. To work on strengthening your Leadership influence and ensure that you are working within your Leadership genius, not against it. Here we explore your path of least resistance and work towards your desired Leadership state. Here we explore what you may want to let go of and what you may want to build more.

Who Is The Program For? 

The Conscious Leader program is for anyone who would like to create more influence and impact in their work environment.

How Does it Work?

The Conscious Leader helps you gain more clarity and have more influence your capacity as a Leader. We achieve this by taking individual deep dive interviews into Key Leadership Themes, with six stakeholders of your choice. The findings of these interviews are then collated for you in a bound book style Report. Your Leadership Report will showcase your values, Leadership Highlights and your Areas for improvement. A three week coaching program is then implemented to guide you through your Areas For Improvement, with key communication tools and mindset techniques tailored to suit your Leadership style. The process is tight, methodical and commands immediate results.

What Topics Do We Cover In Your Report?

During the individual conversations with your stakeholders, we ask a series of questions relating to the following Key Leadership Themes: Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, Motivation and Efficiency, Personal Branding and Wealth Creation Preferences.

What Happens After You Have Received Your Report?

Following the delivery of your Leadership Report, we schedule three one to one coaching sessions to discuss how to best work with your Areas For Improvement - these sessions can be face to face, via video or phone. In these sessions we plan to tweak your working style to ensure that you are confidently working with your Leadership genius, not against it. The goal is to alleviate any unnecessary stress and worries, so that you can be the Leader that you want to be, not the Leader that you think you need to be. This then creates space for effective personal and business growth.

What Else Do we Cover?

In this program, we cover your personal value system and other Modern Leadership Trends. Often a popular topic for contemplation is the questions; Do I need a professional mask and a personal mask to be an effective Leader? The answer is, it depends on the individual Leader. For example, The way we are consuming information suggests that people connect with a personality which they trust, not simply a 'boss who gets results', however we also need a boss who gets results. Other topics are delegation, perfection, feeling continuously stressed, your money making personality.

How Long Is The Program? 

This Program is designed to work around you. There are parameters which we expect in order for you to get the full benefit. A standard timeline, can look like this: 

1. We meet with you for your initial 1:1 session, to get to know you.

2. We then go away and conduct Stakeholder Interviews over a period of a week. This also depends on the availability of your stakeholders.

 3. Following the interviews, we then commence the data sorting and the report writing. This can take an additional 2 to 3 weeks from the interview dates.

 4. By week 4, we deliver your report and then commence three 1:1 Coaching sessions to address items in the report. 

 This would involve a timeline of 7 weeks in total.

Does This Work?

Our belief is that self-insight through knowledge and education and the power of your senior role can create the greatest ability for you to influence your team, company and community to your highest advantage. Create the personal and professional growth you crave and live a life you love. It would be our honour to walk this journey with you.